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FLARIS LAR 1 is a single-engine jet with a light-weight composite structure.
Slide background Dreams become reality FLARIS LAR 1 is the answer to the transport challenges of our time.
Slide background Feel free There is no other plane like this one on the market.


FLARIS LAR 1 is a single-engine jet aircraft with a very lightweight, composite construction. It creates a new category of small, lightweight jets, ideal for quick movement for any purpose.


Nowadays  time is extremely valuable. FLARIS LAR 1 declares the air war to long and tiring journeys. FLARIS is a response to communication challenge of our times. It is an alternative to congested highways and cruise flights.



Maximum efficiency and economy of aircraft is the result of its attributes: a very low take-off weight, advanced propulsion and exceptional aerodynamics. It helps to reduce emissions and ensures low fuel consumption.



FLARIS completes resonance tests

We have completed resonance tests of the FLARIS LAR 1 jet, which were conducted in the main office of Metal-Master in Podgórzyn. The best Polish experts from the Aviation Institute ...

We are testing the hydraulic system

We are currently testing the hydraulic system of the FLARIS LAR 1 jet in Metal-Master’s main factory in Podgórzyn...

Flaris wins 1st prize in Lotnicze Orły 2013 competition

The FLARIS LAR 1 jet won 1st place in the Lotincze Orły 2013 competition in the Product of the Year category. We have been recognized by the jury and by internet users...

Best Innovation Award for Flaris

By the decision of international experts we were awarded the 1st place and the Trilateral Innovation Award 2013-2014, Euroregion Neisse - Nisa – Nysa in the BEST INNOVATION category...